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The premiere destination for all things related to web3 advertising.

We are dedicated to bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to the advertising industry, and helping projects reach a wider audience.

Our Mission

At Odele, our mission is to revolutionize the promotion of digital goods (NFTs) by creating a harmonious ecosystem that connects promoters and publishers with the power of web3 technology.

We strive to provide innovative solutions to our promoters to promote their digital goods / NFTs and we empower our publishers to monetize their content utilizing web3 technology, while maintaining transparency and fairness in the process.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire creativity and empower individuals to thrive in the evolving web3 landscape.
NFT Promoters

Engage people directly

Odele is the only NFT advertising platform, allowing users to purchase NFTs directly across millions of partner websites.

Reach the right audience.

Odele leverages machine learning and AI technology to match relevant users to your NFT in contextualized settings and provides easy-to-use campaign management and tracking to measure success with traffic and sales.

Promote any NFT collection of any size or budget.

After a quick and easy sign-up, have your NFT listed across our extensive ad network.

NFT Publishers

Monetize your content

Generate a new revenue stream, and receive the majority of ad revenue and NFT sale fees. Earn Odele token by providing quality traffic.

Grow and retain users

Integrate unique, user generated content onto your website across various formats including video, images, gifs, etc.

Effortless and insightful

Odele technology allows publishers to control the experience, and share relevant metrics, all by implementing Odele technology to your website.

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